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Camin Cuisine & Cafe

Kasetnavamin, Bangkok.

Client: Camin
Completion Date: February 2020
Area: 1,600 sqm

Turmeric or in Thai we called Camin (ขมิ้น) is one of the important ingredients and it is found in almost every Southern food. Therefore, it is the origin of this restaurant, Camin restaurant presents Thai food in a Southern style, with a unique aroma, color andflavor that is different from other regions. In addition, there is a cafe serving Thai desserts and drinks and incorporating southern flavors into each menu. In terms of design, we want to bring about Thai culture from the south, which there are many aspects that can be used such as architecture, culture, tradition and many more. Anyway, there is one thing that is still not much talked about. It is the narrative through the story of fighting fish. The wildlife of the southern region is wild fighting fish and it is important to the people in the south. We wanted the fighting fish to act as a reception through the Design Develop in the form of Art Sculpture and still look like they are swimming in the air by choosing the male fighting fish swimming in the restaurant and the female fighting fish swimming in the cafe.

The location that we got is a 2-story single house for 2 units, located on the same land. It was built in 1970. The architecture style of that era was mid century or in Thai we call it Ban Khanom Phing. In modern times, this style is rarely seen in Thailand. We wanted to improve the appearance of the exterior building instead of rebuilding it in line with modern times. We chose to keep the original pictures of these two houses and renovate the damaged buildings back to their original form (mid century style). Moreover, we also used style elements to the

interior design and furniture design combined with the space that connects to the original garden of the house. We would like to open this area, although sitting inside the building, but it feels like an open-air connection to nature. Therefore, we adjusted the extension area to a glass house and renovated the gardens in the big city into a forest park. There are elements of water fall, fog, and the smell of moist raw that reflects the landscape of the southern region more. The space within both houses, the function of a typical 2-story house, was reduced to just

one floor, designed as an open space with a double space. We can see the building structure clearly, for example, the shoulder pole that crosses each other becomes a spot for us to position the light. We do not need to attach the light bulb to the ceiling. It became an opportunity for us to play more in the air by fighting fish swimming here. Another advantage is that there is light on the shoulder pole. We not only choose to illuminate the table or to the point that we want to focus on, it can also let the light go back to the workpiece above.

The surrounding area of ​​this place is chaotic because it is adjacent to the community and important travel routes. We took the forest park, the fog and the stream to block the chaos of the main road that has countless cars traveling. In addition, there are brick walls with a ventilator that screen the views of the surrounding tall buildings to provide greater privacy. These things make this area like a hidden oasis in a big city.

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